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Dyson's DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The DC24 Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is nearly the same as the multi floors version. It weighs only 11.6 pounds and has the same basic features and dimensions. The lightweight unit is easy to transport up and down stairs. It also has a collapsible handle for compact storage. The Animal model incorporates the “Root Cyclone” and steering ball innovations.

With conventional vacuum machines air is forced through tiny holes and dust and dirt is screened out and deposited into catch bags. Over time these holes eventually get clogged with dirt and debris reducing suction power and cleaning effectiveness. With cyclone technology air spins at fantastic speeds hurtling the dirt out of the air and into a transparent catch bin. There are no clogged holes to worry about, so the system always maintains powerful suction and prevents the loss of cleaning ability. Another great advantage of the DC24 is the absence of replaceable catch bags. When the clear, removable catch bin is full, it is simply detached at the press of a button and emptied. The bin is easily snapped back into place.

The DC24 also has the innovative steering ball for quick and easy maneuvering. This ball can rotate around on itself allowing the vacuum cleaner to turn on a dime and effectively navigate around furniture and other difficult to reach places. The electric motor is encased inside the ball further improving maneuverability by lowering the center of gravity.

The DC24 also comes equipped with a reversible and detachable wand for cleaning tough spots like ceiling corners. A rapidly rotating brush bar covered with nylon bristles can dislodge even the most ground in dirt from carpets. The brush bar can be deactivated when cleaning hard floors or delicate rugs.

The DC24 Animal comes with a mini head turbine head tool for sucking up pet fur from tough to vacuum spaces like stairs and furniture. This innovative tool simply attaches to the wand and it’s ready to clean.

The DC24 is so good at scooping up things like pet hair, mold spores and other allergens that it has been approved and certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The Dyson DC24 is packaged with operating instructions, quick start guide, mini turbine head tool, combination accessory tool and product registration guide.

The DC24 was put through a battery of thorough and demanding quality tests to ensure is durability and reliability. The machine is so well designed and engineered that Dyson offers a five year warranty on all parts and labor.

Dyson plans to eventually replace the DC24 with the newly released Dyson DC50 model.